Saturday, February 7, 2015

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FEBRUARY 7, 2015

Before we get to the FREE Seeds we have a few announcements.

First, our email has been a bit "weird" so confirmation emails aren't always being received.
If your order was processed on or before
Thursday, Feb 5th then it has SHIPPED!

Next, If you have ordered items that were out of stock in the last 2 weeks your items have ARRIVED and will ship out first thing Monday.
THANK YOU for your patience!

And now for the FREE SEEDS!

This is a VERY limited offer!
Free Seed pack(s) offer
ENDS Monday, Feb 9th at 9pm EST

$10 minimum order (total order)
NO limit on seed packs!
What does that mean? 
Ex: Order 10 packs of Cosmos and we'll include an extra 10 packs of Cosmos!
Available to all US residents

3 varieties available. 
Order one or order them all!
COSMOS, Sensation Mix


also medicinal

The flowers of Common Plantain are shaped like small green cabbage heads. Plants grow 12 inches tall when in full bloom and are easily grown from herb seeds. The foliage is low growing and green. The name 'Rosularis' means rose-like referring to the look of the flower heads which are shaped like double roses. Common Plantain will self-seed readily by dropping its seeds and forming new Plantain herbs the following spring. Other names for this herb are Greater Plantain and Rat Tail Plantain.
The young, tender leaves of the Common Plantain plant are edible, and can be used as a salad green of cooked and eaten like spinach. The taste is that of very bitter salad greens with a lingering aftertaste not unlike spinach. Plantain herb plants had historical medicinal use as a wound healer and snakebite remedy, and today the Plantain herbs have been found to have scientific merit. The Common Plantain plant is also enjoyed by butterfly larvae and if allowed to seed, birds eat the dried seeds.

If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.  We usually reply to emails within a few hours. 
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Planting,

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