Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Heirloom Seeds are seeds of Life!
I have a certain song in my head and it has Inspired me to
Let it go and Let it GROW!

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July 22, 2014
This week I had another opportunity to hang out with a "little one" and watch a popular kids movie with a catchy tune "Let it Go."

I had a lightbulb moment...LET IT GROW and do it for your Family!  Check out the latest...

Let It Grow 10-20-30

Could you feed your family from your garden
if you *had* to? What if you simply decided
you wanted to?

This "Family Grow Pack" was created to serve that very purpose. With a large selection, these seed banks contains 10, 20 and 30  varieties of easy-to-grow heirloom veggie and fruit seeds.

Here's a Sneak Peak...  Let It Grow - 10

Blue Lake Bush Beans (25) 

Calabrese Broccoli (100)
Danver's Carrot (100) 
Country Gentleman Sweet Corn (25)
Marketmore Cucumber (15)
Arugula (200)
NJ Wakefield Cabbage (100) 
Cal wonder Bell Pepper (25)
Mortgage Lifter Tomato (25)
Black Beauty Zucchini (20)

We are still taking Pre-Orders for
Organic Garlic as supplies are limited.

Red Chesnok Garlic

NEW Heirloom Seed Varieties
Red Cheese Pepper
Brandywine Tomato
Green Zebra Tomato

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth
Shipping on Heirloom Seeds is FREE!
$6 minimum order
All of the seeds listed are open-pollinated, non-gmo and non-hybrid, non-patented,  untreated, heirloom garden seeds.
Mary has signed the Safe Seed pledge.  
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.  We usually reply within a few hours (unless we're at the farmer's market). 
Thanks you and have a wonderful day!
Happy Planting,

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