Thursday, July 31, 2014

Heirloom Tomatoes

If you read "The Wonderful World of Heirloom Seeds" then you know that I'll be sharing about different and unique heirloom seed varieties.

An heirloom seed variety has been saved and passed down from generation to generation. These seeds have been carefully cultivated and are considered a great value to the recipient. Some say an heirloom variety is 50 years old or more.  Some heirloom varieties have been passed down for over 100 years and others for over 400 years.

Heirloom Seeds can be very unique like the Lemon Cucumber and others are just like the produce you buy in the store (only tastier) like the Roma Tomato.

On to the Heirloom Tomatoes!

I already shared the Amana's Orange Tomato.  Next up is

80 days. Indeterminate. An old Cherokee Indian heirloom, pre-1890 variety; beautiful deep dusky purple-pink color, superb sweet flavor, and very large sized fruit. Cherokee Purple tomatoes are beefsteak in style.

80 days.  (Lycopersicon esculentum)  Indeterminate. Medium-large fruit that stay "evergreen". This heirloom variety was introduced by Glecklers Seedsmen around 1950. The large plants set heavy yields of these beauties having lovely lime-green color. The flavor is rich and superbly sweet.

70-80 days. A great tomato begins with high-quality, heirloom seeds!
The fruit are the size of a small egg, vibrant pink, sugar sweet, and begging to be eaten. Perfectly sized for salads or putting in the lunchbox!

 70-80 days. A very popular orange variety; fine, sweet, mild flavor; good size and yield.   An old standard and Oh-So-Beautiful!

85 days.  Vigorous vines produce large bunches of huge pink tomatoes in the shape of an oxheart.  Tomatoes are very meaty and flavorful.  Popular with old timers, a good all-purpose variety.  Great for processing or sliced for a sandwich.

 80 days.  Plant produces extremely heavy yields of 1" red cherry tomatoes. Tomatoes are very flavorful. Grows in cluster of 20 to 40 tomatoes. Name translates to "Giant Bunch of Grapes". Excellent for making tomato wine. Grown by Pennsylvania Dutch as early as 1856. A heirloom from Germany.

There are so many more heirloom tomato seed varieties!  
These are just a few of my favorite!

Stay tuned for more unique varieties of Heirloom, Non-GMO seeds

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