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What's NEW at Mary's Heirloom Seeds

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What's NEW @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds  May  2014 
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Have you seen our NEW Seed Combo packs?
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Seed Combo Packs!

We have LOTS of multi-pack options for you to choose!  The larger the pack, the bigger the savings.
Check out Mary's Salsa Pack!
"Make wonderful homemade salsa fresh from the garden!"

The Family Garden Pack is another great option.  Don't forget your Coconut Pellets
"A great family or market garden pack. A variety of heavy producing seeds."   

NEW Page:
Ever thought about making your own herbal home remedies such as teas, tinctures or salves?
We now offer several varieties of organic herbs to help you get started.
For Tincture Kits check out Mary's Tincture Shop
Mary's Garden Combo
Over the years I've tried new varieties in my garden.  This seed combo pack includes many of my favorites!

Includes One packet of each:  
Amana's Orange Tomato,  German Giant Radish, Anaheim Pepper,  Detroit Dark Red Beet,  Jalapeno Pepper,  Tom Thumb Lettuce,  Blue Lake Bush Bean,  Purple-Top Whiteglobe Turnip,  5-Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard,  Marketmore Cucumber    
There are many ways to use herbs for medicinal purposes and one of the is in a tincture.  Other uses include consuming in food, salves, herbal vinegar and herbal oils, teas and even syrup.    
What is a Tincture? 
An herbal tincture is simply an herbal extract.  Herbal remedies have been used throughout history to treat illnesses and ailments without "modern medicine" and pharmacueticals.  Tinctures are easy to make, home remedies.  If properly prepared and stored, your tincture can last indefinitely.

Single herb tinctures use only 1 herb variety.  Combination tinctures are a blend of specific herbs used for a specific purpose.  It is very important that you research your herbs before consuming especially if you are under physicians care, pregnant or taking any medications.

Tincture kits include:
1 - 32 ounce Glass Jar with lid, 1 - 2 ounce Amber Bottle with dropper top,
 2 customizable labels, 1 ounce of Organic Herbs (additional herbs available)
and Detailed Instructions

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