Thursday, May 8, 2014

AD Space, Giveaways and Announcements...OH MY!

I've had one of the most amazing months this past April and moving into May.  

It's been BUSY!  This blog, as well as our facebook page have grown fast in the last few months. I've decided to offer limited ad space here at Back to the Basics.

Our current followers include
Facebook: 2,112
Bloglovin:  668
Twitter: 171
Pinterest:  254
Over 3,300,000 (3.3 million) Views on G+

And I'm growing every day!

I currently co-host 2 link parties.   
Back to the Basics: Tuesdays with a Twist
Mary's Kitchen: REAL Food Friday
Both of these parties generate lots of traffic.

The introductory rate for ad space will be $19 per month OR $15 per month for a 3-month (or more) commitment.  So what do you get for your green? 300X300 ad space, 1 Introduction post @ Back to the Basics, announcement on our facebook page and Twitter.
Only 5 spots available. Whew!

At Back to the Basics I average about 700 hits per day (23k per month).  I post 4-6 times per week.

So if you want to get the word out about your Blog or Business I'm happy to work with You!

Send me an email to for more info or if you have questions.  Payments accepted though paypal.  Ad space if first come first serve but I reserve the right to refuse any blog or company with questionable content.
If you are interested in a LARGER ad space I would be happy to consider your proposal.

As for GIVEAWAYS...I chose not 1 but 2 WINNERS for the
Cristal and Meredith your seeds should arrive any day now!

I'm also working on another giveaway sponsor very soon!

And ANNOUNCEMENTS...Something I've been working on for MONTHS!

Tinctures have been made for hundreds if not thousands of years and in many professional opinions, ensure the highest possible product potency, which will assist you in your quest for health. Many herbs are tough and hardy and they need a powerful extractant to help break down and absorb the active ingredients contained within the herb.

Our tinctures are soaked for 6 weeks or more to ensure they are as strong as possible. Many commercial tinctures are only left soaking for a few days. This is definitely not long enough to extract all of the herb's useful properties.

ALL of the ingredients used in our Herbal Tinctures 

There are currently 4 Organic varieties available: 
Chamomile, Cayenne, Thai Holy Basil and Mugwort

And there you have it!  Have a Wonderful Thursday!

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