Monday, April 7, 2014

First Garden Update of 2014

This post is SO LATE for me!  While a good portion of the US was under snow or frost, it's been warm here.  Some say unseasonably warm.  South Florida really only cools down to the 70s during "winter" with only several days (maybe up to 10) of "cold" mid 50s-60s each year.

It's HOT!  But I'm not complaining (too much).  We are able to plant lots of fruits, veggies, herbs and wildflowers almost year round.  However, this year I've been a bit behind schedule in my garden.  We were going to move but things just didn't work out.  We almost decided not to have a garden at all...And then I snapped out of it!  Me?  No garden?  Ya right!

EVERYTHING in my garden is grown from Heirloom Seeds.  EVERYTHING in my garden is Organic and NON-GMO!
So here goes...Take a stroll through (some of) my garden...

I planted Thessaloniki Tomatoes this year because it is FAST!  It can reach maturity in as few as 60 days.
See the tiny tomato?
All around the garden I planted Borage in the ground or in containers near my tomatoes to deter tomato hornworms.

Also planted throughout the garden is Genovese Basil and Dark Purple Opal Basil (pictured).  These beautiful and delicious companion plants are muti-taskers in the garden.

I still have LOTS of seedlings on the patio!
Peppers and more Borage awaiting transplant!

Genovese Basil, Little Gem Lettuce and Dill
This morning I transplanted some of the lettuce, Chard, Genovese Basil and Thai Holy Basil into a 13 gallon(?) tote.  This will stay on the screened in patio for a while.

Now that my Thessaloniki Tomatoes have flowers, I will use Diatomaceaous Earth around the base of the plant instead of all over so we don't harm beneficial pollinators and still keep the "bad bugs" out.

We have harvested Blue Lake Bush beans several times already.  Delicious!
Beans have such pretty flowers!  Over the weekend I planted a few Royalty Purple bush beans from seed. They should germinate in as few as 3 days.  Stay tuned!

Lavender still hanging on from last year
I like planting in containers first and then transplanting.  In South Florida it can be sunny and warm one minute, rain HARD for 3-10 minutes with very little warning and then be sunny again.  When this happens, it can completely displace any seeds directly planted in the garden.
Seedlings: Chinese 5-Color peppers, Genovese Basil and Dill
2 of MANY Eggplants this year.  I absolutely love eggplant!

There you have it!  I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff but you get the picture.  Have you planted your seeds yet?  Check out Mary's Heirloom Seeds for Organic, Heirloom NON-GMO seeds!  Every seed variety is Un-Treated and Open-Pollinated.

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