Friday, April 18, 2014

SURPRISE!!! Happy Friday!!!

Just announced this morning!  What are your plans for the weekend?

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SURPRISE SALE                APRIL 2014
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Mother's Day gift ideas

Includes free shipping and a Mother's Day card

Includes 6 varieties of Wildflowers 
- Marigold 
-Bachelor Button
-Butterfly Garden
-Lupine Arroyo Blue
-Purple Coneflower 

Make wonderful homemade salsa fresh from the garden!

 One packet of each.  Includes:
-Mortgage Lifter Tomato
-Jalapeno Pepper
-Anaheim Pepper
-Red Burgundy Onion

Mary's Garden Pack
-Amana's Orange Tomato
-German Giant Radish
-Anaheim Pepper
-Detroit Dark Red Beet
-Jalapeno Pepper
-Tom Thumb Lettuce
-Blue Lake Bush Bean
-Purple-Top Whiteglobe Turnip
-5-Color Silverbeet  
Swiss Chard
-Marketmore Cucumber 
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We think you're swell!  We've had such amazing feedback lately from customers that we decided to offer a "Surprise Sale"

Check out these amazing deals...

Purple Plum Radish
Tam Dew Honeydew melon
European Mesclun Mix
Genovese Basil

This "SURPRISE SALE" will only last through 4/20/14 at Midnight EST.  Orders placed Friday (4/18/14) until noon will ship out TODAY!
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.