Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Done Sprouting (for now)

I had an unfortunate kitchen accident yesterday so I'll be taking a short break.  Typing is not so easy!  After the events of the day I completely forgot about my sprouts.  They are still edible so they're in the fridge but I'm gonna take it easy for now.

THIS is how my day started!
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THIS is how my day ended!  I'm trying not to be too traumatized.

It's actually pretty embarrassing how I almost lost half of my finger.  My hubby is an AMAZING doctor but a nurse he is not!  I'll spare you the gory details...It's gross!

I'll be back Friday just for a quick update!


Anonymous said...

Ouch!!!!!!!! So sorry about your finger. That very same finger holds lots of attraction to my rotary cutter;-)

Chocolate of course is the miracle cure all for everything..LOL

Heal fast.

blessings, jill

Mary Smith said...

Thanks Jill! The chocolate really helped. = )

Daffy's Dream said...

Get well soon. Of course chocolate will help a lot!