Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY kids gifts...I did it!

I had a major/minor project to finish this weekend and I did it.  I made aprons for my oldest niece and nephew and a shirt for my baby niece. 
Okay, so I didn't make them but I decorated them.

Here is the apron before I started:
Here they are after the iron-ons:

I added a few finishing touches with 'puffy paint'

And last but certainly not least, I decorated a shirt for the baby:


Denise said...

WOW!!! That looks incredible!!!

Mary Smith said...

I had so much fun making these that I'm thinking abut making shirts for my seed company.

susie said...

I have to say that lily's shirt is my favorite, I love the bows...but the aprons are very cute too!

wheatgerm said...

great looking aprons