Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vanishing Bees

Wow!  I watched a movie today that just blew my mind.  Check out the website for Vanishing of the Bees. 

Here's a quick clip:

Bees are essential to food production.  Bees are important in maintaining a balance ecosystem.  As I continue to research bees I'll be posting about the benefits of bees.


Dave said...

Mary, I can vouch for your concerns. They are my concerns too. We have recently contracted the veroa bee mite here in NZ which is capable of wiping out our bee population. Our scientists are working hard to combat this. Without bees we may not be able to survive - Dave

Mary Smith said...

After watching the video I was inspired to plant more flowers (an plants). I am against using gmo seeds which is why I only plant (and sell) heirloom, open-pollinated seeds. You're right, I don't think we can survive without bees.

The Happy Hippy said...

An important message for everyone and a major global issue. Thanks for sharing.