Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arsenic-Laced Flouride in YOUR Drinking Water

My friend Joyce from It's Your Life (and partner in GMO Free Worldwide) sent over an article that made my blood BOIL!!!

In case you were wondering...We are being poisoned by our drinking water.  This is not something I take lightly nor am I sharing this to sell our water filters.  This is serious, no-nonsense Fact.

From The Sleuth Journal

Fertilizer Industry’s Arsenic-Tainted Fluoride Laced into Drinking Water of 150 Million Americans

In early August, the Environmental Protection Agency is set to decide on a petition to change the source of fluoride in U.S. drinking water.

Currently, the source of fluoride in most public water supplies is fluorosilicic acid, according to government records. The petition calls for the EPA to instead require the use of pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride in water fluoridation, which is the addition of fluoride to drinking water for the purpose of preventing cavities.
Fluorosilicic acid is often contaminated with arsenic, and recent research has linked the arsenic from fluorosilicic acid in drinking water to as many as 1,800 extra cases of cancer yearly in the United States, said William Hirzy, a chemistry researcher American University in Washington, D.C. Hirzy, who worked at the EPA for 27 years, submitted the petition. 

Allow me to simplify.  The "powers that be" are allowing YOU and your family to drink Arsenic which causes CANCER and now they want to vote on it.  WHAT?!?  No WTF?!?

Can you tell I'm a bit angry?  NOW they want to decide to change the type of flouride?  Because it causes cancer!!  They should have thought about that BEFORE they poisoned the nation.
Just like with GMOs, the government regulators are allowing deadly chemicals not meant for human consumption to enter our homes before they know the effects.  It makes me mad!!!

Now is the time to educate yourself.  Don't wait til you're sick or your family is sick.  By then it will be too late!

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From the NY Times " Millions in the US Drink Contaminated Water" 

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Missy Rankin said...

I appreciate your article. Very upsetting along with the condition the food supply is in.... we need to be as self sustainable as possible- in my opinion.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Yikes! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Jasanna Czellar said...

This is terrible! :( What do you propose we do now to protect ourselves?

mary_smith said...

Hi Jannana!
I was unable to reply directly. A GOOD quality filter is a start. Be sure that it is capable of filtering our arsenic and flouride.
The next step is writing the EPA, your state representative and anyone else who will listen!

You can email me at