Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birthday Presents from CafePress!!!

Usually I start to get excited about my birthday several months in advance.  This year...Meh!  I know I'm too young to start dreading my birthday.  Last year was the big 3-0 and I went nuts!!!

So yesterday my husband asked me what I wanted this year.  I'm normally very difficult because I'm not a big shopper.  last year I wanted DIRT and Compost.  He said NO...He bought me the dirt and compost anyway but he said it was definitely not for my birthday.  The last thing he wanted me telling my mom was that He bought me dirt for my b-day.  She totally would have understood though.  YES, I am weird.

If I was having a party I found these really funny birthday invitations.  But this year I just want to hang out with a few close friends and bbq.  Especially now that I'm eating meat again.
We had chocolate cake AND cannolli last year!

I think I figured out what I want to do.  I found and I'm in love!  They have a BUNCH of awesome ides for personalized mugs, custom t-shirts, bags, back to school clothes and so much more.  Speaking of back to school...They have a HUGE sale today!!!

CafePress makes it simple and easy to pick out special items, personalize and ship to your loved ones.  Their selection is HUGE!  I'm thinking Christmas present extravaganza.  I'm like a kid in a candy store!

This year I want a custom t-shirt to wear on my birthday.  If you know me you know that I live in t-shirts.  I'm not a fancy dresser (well, I dressed up last night).  If I still lived in a cooler climate  I would have chosen the custom sweatshirt as well.  I love sweatshirts and still have a collection that I get to wear like once a year.

Head on over to CafePress and check out all of the goodies.  I'm off to make my t-shirt! 
Really Cool water bottles to keep me hydrated during and after my birthday!!!


Lizbeth McGow said...

Happy Birthday! Love the idea of the cannoli! I recently made cookies and cream cannoli cones! so I really love your "cake" my BD is coming soon and considering than I'm in a completely higher decade than you, you have no idea how ancient I feel...Thank You for sharing your celebration at the Fluster Buster party, come back and link again next week, your co host "older than dust" Lizy lol

Onine Florist said...

I wish I could gift flowers online to you..Happy birthday!!!