Friday, August 2, 2013

Mung Bean Sprouts

Have you ever grown your own Mung Bean Sprouts?
I have and I love it!

I've made Sprout Salad (YUM)

Growing your own Mung Bean Sprouts is easy and takes as few as 2 days.  You save $$ by growing your own and even better is knowing that no nasty chemicals were used.

All of this from 1/3 cup of beans!!!

My HomeGrown Mung Bean Sprouts @ Day 3

Mung Beans are so popular at Mary's Heirloom Seeds that we've decided to offer them in 1 pound packs!  Bonus for purchasing in bulk is that your seeds will ship Priority Mail!

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If you are interested in Growing your own Sprouts Mary's Heirloom Seeds carries a variety or 100% Organic Sprouting Seeds and Sprouting Kits.

In case you're new to Back to the Basics...
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