Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Garden Update

Last week I was pretty busy with the Region-Specific Gardening info.  I had a blast putting it all together with the help of Mother Earth News.  This week I'll be sharing a few herbal recipes {some from the garden} so I thought I'd give you a garden update.

This might be the largest tomato plant I've ever grown in Florida.  It has taken a bit of organic soil amendments like seaweed and homemade compost.
This is a Red-Fig Tomato grown from heirloom seed.  
85 days.  Indeterminate.  Small, 1-1/2-inch red fruit are pear-shaped.
The fruit is sweet and tasty. Great for drying or preserving. 

This heirloom dates back to the 1700's. 
Freshly harvested tomatoes...Great on salads!
Also producing in the garden are the Black Beauty Eggplants
(still) after 2 years!
80 days. (Solanum melongena)  Also know as "Imperial Black Beauty". Black Beauty has large, jet-black fruits that are egg-shaped.  Between 4-6 inches. Fruits set freely and quickly, so that the entire crop can be gathered before the frost. 
Remember to germinate seeds at about 70 degrees in the greenhouse or inside. Transplant when all danger of frost has passed.

Last week when I had a bit of free time I planted quite a few more seeds: Amana's Orange, Beefsteak and more Pink Oxheart Tomatoes, Black Beauty and Japanese White Egg eggplants, Bell Peppers and more Basil. All heirloom, non-gmo seeds!
Genovese Basil for "growing gifts"
The Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake Bush beans have been transplanted into containers (ready for the move), as well as the Radicchio, Swiss Chard, Serrano Peppers and Pak Choy Cabbage. 
Blue Lake Bush Beans transplanted in their temporary home
Fingers crossed...We'll be moving in March!


Cherished Handmade Treasures said...

Wow, they all look great! I'm a new follower from the Sunday Social link-up. If you would like to share this, pop in to my blog, we have the Creative Corner link-up on-going this week. We love to see you there!

Cherished Handmade Treasures

Diana Chastain said...

I need to start a garden, I bet you save a ton and you know what is in your food! Thanks for sharing your blog over at Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop.

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Becky Elmuccio said...

This has me so excited to get started in our growing season in NJ! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Greens!