Saturday, December 10, 2016

Path of a Dreamer: Book 1

Hey there!  A friend of mine has published a book and I'm sharing with you today.  I'm always excited to read new books and discover new authors.  How about you?  Check out her book on Amazon and let me know what you think!

The Girl with the Sapphire Eyes

Path of a Dreamer: Book 1

Saleana Othello has never felt at home in her tribe, hated and shunned by all she wonders what life may be like beyond the tents of her homeland. She is plagued by dreams of a distant land, a kind place at odds with the harsh and cruel realities of her frozen world. Adventure, tragedy, and wonder unfold as she discovers the reason why she stands out amongst her fellows. As she follows her dreams. Can the lioness withstand the forces against her, can she discover her past and make way for her future? And what of her childhood companions? What secrets lay shrouded behind them? Follow as THE GIRL WITH THE SAPPHIRE EYES steps foot on the PATH OF A DREAMER. 

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Author Bio
Indie Fantasy/Sci-fi writer, artist, homesteader, caretaker, wife, Christian, dreamer, and schemer.

Ariel L Hodge is an indie Fantasy/Sci-fi writer and artist.
She grew up in Southern Illinois between two rivers, raised in a small town with a quaint little square. Her mother owned an antique shop and she lived her earliest years between the shelves crammed with fascinating odds and ends. That was where her imagination was born, sheltered and developed in that wondrous place that was frozen in time. Her days spent as the nerd in the corner of the playground, her nose in a book while others darted around her. Busying themselves with enjoying reality while she was immersed in the realm fiction. When she entered her double digits life whisked her off to a new world. Her family packed up and moved down to Florida, settling in a block home in the warmth and sunshine. It was there that her creativity developed into a love of writing. She would spend the next decade of her life there, working in an antique mall during the day and writing by the light of the moon. She toiled on her literary arts for several years, filling her mind with world of wonder and majesty but too frightened to dare and share her work. In 2014 her world spun again, life taking her to the hobby farm she now calls home. In October 2016 she decided to cast aside her fear, putting her work out there for the world to see.

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