Friday, June 3, 2016

Sizzling Summer Specials at Mary's Heirloom Seeds

We're definitely feeling the HEAT here.  How are the temps in your area?

Recently, we shared a few additional planting tips and our JUNE Seed Planting Guide.  It was very popular and we are happy to answer any additional questions you might have for us.
Our SIZZLING SUMMER SPECIAL starts TODAY and ends June 10th.  Yep, only 7 days and the specials end.  It's a HUGE selection of seed varieties supplies on special.  Why? Because we listen to our customers and so we delivered! (Thanks Ashley)

**Before you place your order** Please notice at checkout that we offer Free shipping on select items/orders of $10 or more.  If your seed order is less than $10, please choose the appropriate shipping option.

*Heat Tolerant*

Queen Ann Black Eye Peas
*Heat Tolerant*

Ace 55 Tomato
*Thick walled fruit helps prevent cracking*

Whippoorwill Southern Pea
*Heat Tolerant*

German Giant Radish
*Heat Tolerant*

Rattlesnake Pole Bean
*Heat Tolerant*

Kentucky Wonder pole bean
*They produce beans in clusters over an extended season*

Cosmic Purple Carrot

Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn
*Corn usually grows well in the heat*

Red Burgundy Onion
*Short day variety.  Grows well in warmer climates*

Connecticut Field Pumpkin
*Just in time to plant for a Fall harvest*

Waltham Butternut Squash

German Lunchbox Tomato

Pink Oxheart Tomato

Coconut Coir Bricks (2)
*Great for seed starting or add to your soil*

*One of THE best companion plants*

Calendula Mix
*Another excellent Companion Plant*


Genovese Basil
*Heat Tolerant*

*Another great companion plant*


*another great option for seed starting*

*Perfect for your bee friendly garden*

French Marigold
*Excellent companion plant*

Lemon BEE Balm
*Attract pollinators to your garden*

*My FAVORITE companion plant & edible flower*

Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower

HUMATE (Humic Acid)

Micronized Azomite

***Don't forget, this special ends May 10th at midnight***

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