Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We are GROWING and Expanding in 2015!

Why is it so important to GROW?
HEALTH is one of the primary reasons I am so passionate about teaching people to grow food.  Growing your own organic food is healthy, saves money and is great exercise.

If we all choose to grow organically, we can also do our part to save the bees!  In case you missed it, check out Plant for the Pollinators and Increase Your Crop Yield.

We are offering FREE Bee-Friendly seeds with purchase at Mary's Heirloom Seeds NOW thru 7/15/15.  

From Food Prices are on the Rise,
"Arugula is an easy green to grow and takes approx 40 days.  It needs soil, water and sun.  Arugula can even be grown in a recycled plastic or wood container. No need to go out and spend a bunch of money.  At Mary's Heirloom Seeds you can purchase a packet of non-gmo, open-pollinated Arugula seeds (300 seeds) for only $3.00!

That means for $3 you might grow 300 bunches (or more) of Arugula versus $3 for a single small bunch at the store!

Education is a HUGE priority here at Back to the Basics and Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  We choose to SHARE this information for free.  we even send out a weekly e-newsletter for FREE even though it costs us for the service.  For all of you bloggers out there reading this...You know that blogging is not free.  I may not pay for my blog site but I spend hours working on educational posts and updating my site.

February 1st we had an opportunity of a lifetime!  We expanded our garden by at least 5 times the size.  This was a HUGE undertaking.  We've had quite a bit of help along the way.  My family has been so supportive.  My Mom especially has been a HUGE help...Thanks Mom!  We've know this day would be here (at least I had prayed it would) and our dreams are finally coming true.

Next season we'd like to double our expanded garden!

We have already had several donations via GoFundMe made for our Educational Program.
Our educational program has included several FREE workshops in our community.
Donations of SEEDS to several school and community programs
LOTS of educational posts that I personally spent hours researching

THIS is why we set up a GoFundMe last year.  The donations we have received so far have made a huge difference!

2015 will be our biggest and most exciting year EVER!  We've set our goals and we are putting things in motion to bring you MORE educational info on Organic Gardening and Health-related topics.

With our NEW expanded growing area we'll be able to share 
Multiple options for growing organic vegetables
More Organic Home Remedies
Educational VIDEOS since we've been asked about 100 times!
More FREE seeds
More donations to local programs

FREE FOOD...This is another dream of mine.  With the additional growing space we hope to be able to give back to our community by sharing extra produce with our families, local community and food banks for the homeless.

Additional donations made to our GoFundMe will be used to plant 
FRUIT TREES so that we my increase our donations
LUMBER to create raised beds and control pests
EDUCATIONAL material for organic growing
FREE SEEDS for School Educational programs

Can you tell I'm excited!!!!!  This project has been a year in the making and it's finally happening!!!

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