Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More NEW Heirloom Seeds and Organic Garlic

Yesterday I added 5 NEW Seed Varieties at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  Are you ready to get planting?

Don't forget, AZOMITE and GREENSAND are on SALE thru May 22nd

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Hey!  I've been a busy BEE lately sharing lots of tips and growing from seed tutorials over at Back to the Basics (our blog).
First, *Just a reminder* we will be offering ORGANIC GARLIC as a pre-order only item as early as July 2015.
Last year we sold out in late August so orders must be placed in advance.  We will send out the official announcement in July.

Next, check out a few NEW varieties we added yesterday!

If you are looking for a different flavor from traditional spinach, then this gorgeous combination of deep green leaves set against burgundy stems and violet blooms will be perfect in your herb garden. Edible leaves grown from Malabar Spinach seeds can be used throughout summer and will flourish in heat and humidity. Young leaves of this herb plant can be cooked and added to recipes and fresh leaves make a great salad. Climbing to 10 feet or more, Malabar Spinach is a lovely vine for trellises and arbors. It is also commonly referred to as Climbing Spinach Vine, Red Vine Spinach or Creeping Spinach. The Malabar Spinach herb is one of the very few garden herbs that is a vining plant.

Stevia is a rewarding plant to grow in the herb garden! It is a tender perennial that is native to subtropical regions. Wild Stevia plants often grow on the edges of marches or streams. The Sweet Leaf herb plant can be successfully grown in the herb garden in most any region. It prefers a well-drained sandy loam. Raised beds ensure that the roots do not have too much moisture, and organic compost and regular watering give adequate moisture and nutrients. In colder, northern climates, grow Stevia herb plants as annuals.

Once considered to be rather weedy, it now has improved cultivars and is grown throughout Europe and North America for an early spring nutritious herb. Corn Salad, also called Mache, grows from a basal rosette of rounded, spoon-shaped leaves. The succulent leaves that can be 6 inches long have a nutty, sweet flavor that is excellent in tossed green salads. The Mache herb is a nutritious addition to grow in the herb garden with leaves that provide vitamins and minerals, especially iron.

Commonly called Rigid Goldenrod or Stiff Goldenrod, this perennial is easily propagated from Solidago seeds. This Goldenrod wildflower is very versatile, native to the United States and has many uses such as roadside plantings, providing wildlife with food and habitat, naturalized settings and wild flower gardens. Solidago Goldenrod is one of the best wild flowers for late fall blooming and is very showy with large heads and flower clusters. Butterflies, hummingbirds, goldfinches, and other small birds are attracted to Solidago and feed on its nectar and flower seeds. Not only are the flowers lovely, but the leaves are also attractive all summer long turning to a rose color in fall. The Rigid Goldenrod wildflower is best grown in full sun and well-drained garden soil.

 This variety is commonly called Fern Leaf Lavender or Egyptian Lavender. Use them in fresh arrangements or dry them for dried floral arrangements, potpourri, and crafts. Fernleaf Lavender herb plants are tender perennials. In USDA zones 8 and colder this variety will grow as an annual.

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