Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Garden in Minutes makes Growing Organic Food Simple and EASY!

Have you enjoyed my Square Foot / Raised Bed Gardening series so far?  I love growing organic veggies and herbs.  Growing organic saves us money since we buy less from the store and it reduces our carbon footprint since my veggies don't have to be trucked in from anywhere.

As the organic gardener in the family I know how fresh our produce is and I am confident it is the healthiest option since it is picked fresh before I prepare a meal.  I use absolutely zero chemicals or pesticides in my garden which also saves us money and reduces our negative impact on the environment.


Earlier this month I received an amazing gift from Garden in Minutes, 
a Garden In Minutes 4X4 Raised Garden Kit

  • (1) 4×4 Garden Grid™ Watering System
  • (1) Cedar Raised Garden Bed - Assembled size: 4ft x 4ft x 8in. Finished in an Eco-Friendly Soy based wood sealer.
  • (1) Manual Hose Timer - allows you to set your water to run for a desired time and shut off automatically.
  • (1) Single Water Flow Valve - allows you to adjust water flow at your Garden Grid™ from a drip to a full stream.

Raised Beds are made from 1-3/4 inch thick Cedar boards, for strong construction that won’t bow under the weight of your soil.
**Each kit also contains a free packet of heirloom, Non-GMO seeds from   

About Garden in Minutes,
"Some of the unique qualities of our raised beds are that they are all made in USA, they are made using cedar which is naturally rot resistant, and we are unique in the fact that we seal our boards using an Eco-friendly soy based wood sealer :)
The Garden Grid watering system gives gardeners equal planting sections and waters plants at their base where they need it most, which also saves plants from damage caused by normal sprinklers."

Putting together our raised bed was so easy!  Rather than share in pictures we made 2 videos!!!

You can get your own raised bed, square foot garden at www.gardeninminutes.com
There are so many options to choose from and 
as you can see they're EASY to assemble!

Soil capacity of the 4X4 Raised Bed is approximately 12 cu. ft (not included).

Here's a before view of my garden bed:
After this pic I added more soil.
The Irrigation system works so well.  The gentle water streams feeds the soil and plant without damaging the delicate seedlings.
My tiny tomato seedling is oh so happy!

 I'm am thrilled at how easy the Raised Bed and Garden Grid Watering System was to assemble, fill and GROW!  So far everything is thriving!  If you're looking for a simple solution to growing your own food check out the different configurations of Raised Bed Garden Kits offered at Garden in Minutes.

After only 5 weeks my raised bed garden is growing faster than I ever imagined!  Here's a picture I took just this morning.

You can seed the squash (in front) is growing fast and using a raised bed has cut down on the amount of pests foraging in my garden.  The middle 2 rows are radish, beets, swiss chard and Basil.  The back row is Tomatoes and lots of Marigolds.

Happy Planting!

I received these products for free to review. All opinions expressed are honest and provided without monetary compensation.


Bethany said...

That is a very cool kit! I really like the watering system. I am planning on building a 4x4 garden myself (http://ngnrdgrl.blogspot.com/2014/09/planning-vegetable-garden.html). I started thinking about what will go in my squares and where it will be located in my yard. I'm a total newbie when it comes to gardening, so I've been reading as much as I can online. Good luck with your garden!

Unknown said...

OK. Mary, I need a 'tip' from you. Here in the UK, the world is FILLED with slugs and snails. Now, I am looking for a kind, Buddhist, gentle, humane but EFFECTIVE way of getting these buggers gone because THEY EAT ALL MY organic SEEDLINGS! Any holistic ideas welcome! Can you please email me a response? Rose,FineCraftGuild.com

The Lazy Gastronome said...

I've got to try this next year! Pinning it to remind myself! Thanks for a FABULOUS idea!

Unknown said...

Hi everyone!

This is Bryan from GardenInMinutes.com. Thank you for the great review Mary we're so glad you're enjoying your Raised Garden Kit!!
If anyone has any questions (especially if you're a total newbie :)) please feel free to reach out to us at info@gardeninminutes.com. We'd be glad to help!

Happy Gardening,

Unknown said...

What a great raised garden. Thanks for the submission to the HomeAcre hop. Feel free to stop by at www.PintSizeFarm.com or another one of the hosts to submit another this week!