Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why Do You Grow?

I asked this question yesterday @ Mary's FB page
Grown from seed @ my front door!
The answers were spectacular.  Here are a few:
"To feed my family and teach my kids about growing things." -Morgan

"I grow so I know where my food comes (healthy and truly organic) from and to reduce my growcery bills.  Plus...My grandmother always had a 2 acre garden that I would help with and now that she's passed I always feel her presence when I'm gardening." -Kelly

"I grow because it gives me power over my health and the health of my family. It reduces the grocery bill and I study foods for healing so Essentially what I grow and eat also keeps my medical costs down." -Rachel

"To keep crap out of my food and cut the grocery bill!  It is also very good for the soul." -Lorrie

"To remove myself from all of the manmade technology buzzing around us, reconnect with nature and excape TO reality." -Deniz

"Contentment" -Kathryn

These are some AMAZING reasons to grow your own food.  About 7 years I ago I made a HUGE change in my life.  Actually, it was MANY changes around the same time.  I started to learn more about FOOD.  I learned more about what food is and why it's not just something we do when we are hungry.  Food is what our body uses to heal and re-grow the body.  Every day, cells die in the body and are replaced with new cells.  If you eat junk...your body uses junk.  If you eat nutrient-dense healthy food, your body usesthat for nourishment.

So I cut out fast-food, candy, soda and redbull.  In doing so I lost over 20 pounds!  When we moved out of the condo we decided we wanted a house with a yard.  Now, we grow food!!!  Growing your own doesn't have to be this big operation.  I tell my customers, "Just start with Basil, Radish or lettuce."  Those are the easier varieties and require very little nutrients and attention.

If you're looking to Get Growing I would love to help!  We have an entire page dedicated to our 2014 Planting Guide AND Mary's Heirloom Seeds has over 110 heirloom, Non-GMO seed varieties to choose from.  PLEASE do not plant junk in your garden.  To find out about GMOs, please read What is a GMO?  Why is it Important?

Get out there and Grow Your Own!

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Debra said...

I love this post and I really want to be able to do a garden this year! We did have a nice one back on Long Island but since we loved upstate there are deer, water issues and all kinds of things around here. You would think it would have been the other way around but it is not. I am going to start slow this year and work my way up to it. Thanks for sharing this. :-)