Friday, July 13, 2012

Trying "Natural" Deodorant

This is Part 2 of "What's Lurking in your Deodorant?"  Part 3 will include DIY recipes.

I first started on this journey when the deodorant I was using was creating a bit of a problem for me.  I used Secret for sensitive skin...With aluminum!  For this experiment I tried 2 different "natural" deodorants over the last 2 weeks. I have very sensitive skin so I've been very cautious about trying new things.  

#1 JASON Fragrance Free Deodorant.  It contains no aluminum, propylene glycol or parabens.  The first time I tried Jason I had just gotten out of the shower after shaving...BAD idea!  It burned, but then again my "regular" deodorant burned after a fresh shave.  Day 2 was a bit more pleasant but it was sticky.  After 2 hours it still felt sticky and I didn't feel fresh.  I need no reminder that this was NOT an antiperspirant. I continued to use the product throughout the week but I was not satisfied.  This product might work for some people but not for me.

#2 Tom's of Maine Naturally Dry.  It contains no aluminum but the ingredients list propylene glycol.  According to Tom's website 
"What is it?
Propylene glycol is a derivative of natural gas. It is commonly used in a variety of consumer products and food products, including deodorants, pharmaceuticals, moisturizing lotions, and fat-free ice cream and sour cream products.

What does it do?
Propylene glycol helps form the base for our deodorants. Sodium stearate (soap) is the ingredient that causes these products to “gel” or take on a form that is more viscous or solid. Once suspended in a gel, the other ingredients in these products can be properly applied in the manner consumers expect."

I liked the feel of this deodorant and I was left feeling clean.  I would continue to use this deodorant but I'm looking for a more natural alternative.  Just because the FDA says it's safe does not mean I'll use it.  Seriously, the FDA approves of pink slime!  Needless to say, I don't trust them!

This weekend I'll be making my own deodorant to share with you.  I've had my eye on a few DIY projects but those will have to wait for another day.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

*This is my opinion and I have not been paid to review these items.*


Julie said...

Thank you for participating in Show Your Stuff Blog Hop, You are invited to come back:

Nicole said...

I started using natural deodorant too. It works okay for around the house, but I still have to bust out the heavy duty toxic stuff for when I'm in public (for everybody's sake). Thanks for visiting my blog - have a wonderful weekend!

Ladies Holiday said...

Looking forward to seeing the results of your recipe- I use the Jason, but do experience what you mentioned...not ideal, but better then the chems.

Mary Smith said...

Thank you all for stopping by. I've gathered a few recipes of DIY deodorant but I think it will take some getting used to. Stay tuned!