Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eco-Friendly and Budget-Friendly Gift Giving

Christmas is right around the corner.  Every year the news reports of crazy shoppers and over-consumption around this time.  This year I have a few ideas for Eco-Friendly gifts, all of which are Made in the USA. Whether handmade, homemade, locally grown or locally produced, why not try something new this year.

DIY Lotions and Soap:  There are literally hundreds of recipes available online to make your own cosmetics and toiletries.  Most recipes don't require special equipment or fancy ingredients.  I've experimented with both lotion and soap and have been pleased with the results. (Recipes to follow tomorrow)

Check out your local farmer's market or craft fairs. Ask the seller where the items came from and what they are made of to ensure a quality product.

Give the gift of life!  
Give a small tree, homegrown potted herbs or veggies. Or, give a DIY "green" gift basket using a planer as a "basket" and fill it with garden seed (preferable organic), peat pellets, small hand tools and garden gloves.  It might be a good idea to include a guide for beginner gardeners.

Buy from a local business or small online business.  November 26th was "Small Business Saturday." Why do we need a day?  Why not make EVERY day an opportunity to support our community?

I read an interesting article this week about a company called "Eat More Kale".  The owner, Bo Muller-Moore, silk-screens all of his organic shirt using several different logos.  Speaking of small business owners, Pablo at Soul Grind Skate Shop (my dad) has a few great gift ideas for the skateboarder in your family.

I love Handmade items.  One year I made scarves for a few family members.  I don't have much use for a scarf in South Florida but it gets cold in other parts of the country.  Ornaments, Apron, Quilts, Cookies or Candy, Candles, Cookbooks, Drink-Mixes, Spices and Sauces are all AMAZING gifts that can be made on just about any budget.  Most importantly, they are gifts from the heart and made with love.


Dave said...

I agree with you Mary. I can't think of anything nicer than a personally made gift - Dave

Mary Smith said...

I just finished a nice batch of goat milk soap for a customer for a Christmas gift. I love making soap!

Jonell w Harrison said...

What great ideas ..keeping in mind that many people do not need gifts that haave to be displayed, dusted, [or stored] and appreciate gifts that actualy can be used, consumed or shared. Keep on doing whatcha are doing girl!