Thursday, May 22, 2014

Doc's Hydro Grow Kit part 1

I've put off posting about our hyrdo growing experiment.  Doc and I are growing hydroponic Scorpion Peppers!!!!  These are gonna be some HOT peppers.

Doc is growing his pepper plant in his hydro system and I am growing peppers in dirt.  Guess which one is growing HUGE?

Check out this timeline of pictures comparing the DIRT-grown Pepper with the HYDRO-grown pepper.

5/4/2014 HYDRO pepper.  
At this point, the hydro and dirt grown peppers are about the same.  They are approx 6 weeks from germination.  Out of 2 seeds we planted in rockwool, only 1 germinated.

Out of the 7 seeds we planted in dirt, 5 germinated.  All total we planted 9 seeds and now have 6 seedlings.

5/15/2014 HYDRO pepper.  
Once the roots grew deeper into the nutrient solution, this plant EXPLODED with growth.  It's amazing the difference in only 11 days.

Comparison between the HYDRO pepper(left) and the DIRT pepper(right).
The HYDRO pepper is a deeper shade of green.  The DIRT pepper is a bit taller with it's leaves a bit more spread out.

Comparison between the HYDRO pepper (left) and the DIRT pepper (right).

The difference in just a week is INCREDIBLE!  The HYDRO pepper is growing at an amazing rate.
The stem of the HYDRO pepper
The stem of the DIRT pepper

Check out these ROOTS...

Doc's Hydro Grow Kit is a Brand NEW item we offer in our booth at the Yellow Green Farmer's Market. 

One HUGE plus to growing HYDRO instead of outdoors in dirt has been NO BUGS!  My dirt-grown peppers have already gone through a round of white fly and powdery mildew while the HYDRO-pepper is pest-free.

Doc's Hydro Grow Kit includes
1 food-grade (BPA Free) grow bucket, 1 - 5 gallon black bucket (to keep your roots in the dark),

1 - 6 inch basket lid (where your plant grows) with enough hydroton to fill and 3 cubes of rockwool (both growing media)

1 air pump and 1 air stone with tubing to oxygenate the water.

We'll have more Doc's Hydro Grow Kits available this weekend at the Yellow Green Farmer's Market in Booth #281. 

If you are interested in indoor lighting and nutrients, please check out our Indoor Growing Accessories page.

We'll keep you posted on our progress in another 2 weeks.  Until then Happy Planting!

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Heidi Ramsey said...

Very interesting, I definitely need to try hydro gardening! Thanks for sharing at the homeacre homesteading blog hop! Feel free to stop by ( and submit again this week :)

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