Thursday, April 11, 2013

Growing Tarragon from Seed

Start Tarragon seeds off in pots around April. Sow four or five seeds per pot in moist potting soil.   Cover them with compost or soil to exclude light. Keep them indoors at room temperature.  Planting in Peat Pellets will make transplanting simple and ensure the roots are not disturbed.

Moist Peat Pellets
When the seedlings begin to show, move them outside, out of direct sunlight. Thin them to one seedling per pot. They are ready for planting in their final position outside when the seedlings are 4 inches high.

Tarragon can be grown in containers for two or three years with no special care.  They can also be over-wintered indoors if you have a sunny windowsill.

Tarragon prefers well-drained soil which is not too high in nutrients. It will do equally well in full sun or partial shade. 

When Transplanting: dig the soil well before planting and add a handful of bonemeal per square yard at the same time. If the soil is not well-drained dig in as much well-rotted organic material as possible to open up the soil – I use rotted leaves.

Choose a position where they can remain undisturbed for two or three years. You may not think that Tarragon is not a very pretty plant, so consider this when choosing a position. Mulching with organic matter in October will help them over winter if your area has particularly harsh winter weather. 

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I'm off to go plant more Marigolds around my Tomato plants!
African Crackerjack Marigold


Joyce said...

This is to funny I was just wondering about this, this morning seeing as I have tarragon on the way. You said to leave it for 2-3 years, can it be used before that as an herb? I have read it is great to plant through out the garden as many bad bugs do not like it.

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One of our favorites for cooking. :)

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Tarragon is such a great herb ... One of my favorites!

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