Monday, March 12, 2012

Garden Update: Peat Pellets and Seedlings

A week has gone by and most of the seeds I planted have germinated and are thriving.  I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never used Peat Pellets as a growing medium.  In the past I have purchase seed-starter soil and peat pots or the greenhouse disaster and hoped for the best.
Dry Peat Pellets (before)

I have had a MUCH better success rate using the Peat Pellets than ever before.  They have required much less water, less space and are mess free.  I love mess free!  They are most certainly "quick cheap and easy."
Fully grown Peat Pellets (after)

Since most of the seeds I planted in the mini greenhouse didn't do so well I planted quite a bit more seeds than I need (just in case) so I'm sure there will be extras left over for gifts.  I planted flowers, herbs and veggies again.
Radish Seedlings after 4 days

In a few weeks the seedlings will be ready for a more permanent home.  I've read that it might give the roots an advantage if I snip off the bio-degradable casing before transplanting.  I don't think I'll be snipping anything, just in case I disturb the delicate roots.
Baby Zinnias after 7 days
I wasn't sure how the squash would grow in the Peat Pellets.  I didn't soak the seeds for 24 hours like I normally do to prepare than for germination.  I am pleased to say that the squash and all of the new herbs are growing just fine!
Borage Seedlings
Last but certainly not least, the survivors from the greenhouse catastrophe are doing well.  I rescued all of the Dark Purple Opal Basil and I'm looking forward to Opal Basil Jelly.
Dark Purple Opal Basil seedling
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Check out the video!
  Happy Planting!

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