Friday, March 23, 2012

Backyard Beekeeping: Getting Started

Before you go out and buy fancy and expensive equipment it is best to do research.  There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of books and websites out there to help you get started out right.  Beekeeping isn't like baking a cake.  You can't just buy the ingredients, mix it together, bake and let cool.

I've ordered a few books to get me started and I'll start to review them in the next few weeks.  Below are a few which had great reviews.
I look forward to reading about the wonders of Beekeeping!




MangyWhiteBushman said...

I was able to find a Beekeeping class in my area that is great. For $35 I get a year membership to the Maryland Beekeepers Association and 5 classes. I tried to do the book thing and when I started looking for bee's didn't want to pay the shipping. I started looking around for a local resource and found this class. The association meets once a month to discuss further beekeeping and current local and global issues. I found some online courses also, but I'm very happy I signed up for this. I just finished the third class and have ordered my bee's. I plan to start with the traditional super boxes and hopefully next year have a top bar frame box built. Best of luck to you. Great blogger.

Mary Smith said...

Thanx for the info. The first book I chose to read, Beekeeping: Self-Sufficiency, suggests joining your local association.

Are you currently beekeeping? I'd love you your to be a guest in the blog and tell everyone about what you've learned.

Snowies said...

I wonder if they offer anything like that where I am! hmmm.
Glad to find your blog, cant wait to read more!
New follower from blog hop

Mary Smith said...

Hi Snowie! If you haven't done so already, check out Eye Heart's Friday Shout-Out for more awesome blogs and to link your own.