Friday, April 24, 2015

There is Nothing Wrong with Being Passionate

I'm not talking about your sex life.  I'm talking about passion for LIFE and passion for a cause.  The Earth has been my passion for a very long time.  I grew up watching my grandmother in her garden.  She taught be about growing flowers.  She tended to her tomatoes with the same tenderness she showed us kids.  

In the past 8 years I have really become an advocate for Earth, the environment and all of the issues we face with the fight to preserve "Real Food."  This has alarmed quite a few people.  I have had my fair share of negative reactions, nastiness and even loss of friendships.

The thing is, I haven't changed.  I will never stand down when I feel that my fight is justified.  There is nothing wrong with being passionate.  I was reminded of all of this today when I learned that a friend had lost her dad to cancer. My heart breaks for her.  The worst part is that she had NO idea that he had cancer and he had kept it a secret because of her feelings and beliefs about the "medical system."  That sucks.

When did it stop being okay for people to be passionate about things that matter.  I'm not talking about video games and tv shows.  Those things truly do not matter at the end of the day.  Fashion, actors and singers are fun things but what to they contribute to LIFE other than just to pass the time?

At the end of the day, making a positive change in the world is the only thing that truly matters.  Sure, that's just my opinion.  IF we as human beings choose to ignore the earth and the war that is going on to survive then there will be no fashion or reality tv to escape to and no sports events to attend.  LIFE as we know it depends on the survival of our precious eco-system.

Our Right to choose what to eat and know what is it we are eating is under attack.  The TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, is global agreement between over 11 countries.  The TPP is currently on the table for discussion within our government.  But here's the kicker, most of the text is still a secret.  The Wikileaks scandal gave us a sneak peak and what we've seen is disturbing.

Our Food System is a war.  Every day I fight and educate to end the production of GMOs and cancer-causing pesticides.  Yes, pesticides increase our risk of cancer.  You don't have to believe me.  The EPA clearly states on their website all of the facts.  Here's a little-known fact, GMO Corn is a registered Pesticide.  WHY then are we being fed GMO corn?  MONEY and Power!

Earth is at war with those who choose profit over life.  BigAg has ravage entire forests to plant their GMO soy, corn and alfalfa.  With all of the chemicals and pesticide use, they are killing the bees and other pollinators by the millions.They must be stopped or it will be the end of life as we know it.
I share this often because it is the truth!
For those of you reading this that are already active....THANK YOU!!! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I appreciate your efforts and applaud your courage to continue to fight!

If you'd like to get more involved but you're not sure where to start, please feel free to ask.  You can send me an email to or you can comment here.  PLEASE remember that if you comment here but are a no-reply blogger then I am unable to respond.

We have set up a GoFundMe page for our educational programs.  So far, we have hosted several free workshops and give out hundreds of free seed packs nationwide.

GROW FOOD and Grow it organic.  As owner/operator of Mary's Heirloom Seeds, I would be happy to include a FREE pack of organic seeds if you place an order. 

EDUCATE first yourself, your family and then your community.

SHARE this information.  You never know who's life you might change positively by sharing just the tiniest bit of info.

GET ACTIVE in your community and around the world.  March Against Monsanto is a great start.  Worldwide May 23rd.  But that's only one day.  I choose to stand and fight daily and I have no regrets.

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Lady of the Woods said...

Totally agreed Mary!~~ thank you. I am on the "open mouth" path on other issues too, mostly about how these secret behind the scenes psychopaths are doing more heinous things especially to children, but all of this, our foods etc, is included and is why I decided to grow as much as I can myself and to buy only heirloom seeds, and from you for now :D.
Have you read the Anastasia books? The Ringing Cedars series by Vladmir Megre? I think you will love that series and the wisdom from the Woman From the Taiga.