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Have you already planted your seeds?  Are you planting this weekend?

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Growing from Seed Tips & Tricks PART 2
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April 26, 2015

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with a customer about planting seeds. 
There was definitely a bit of confusion about how many seeds to plant.

One very cool and important thing to remember about Mary's Heirloom Seeds, If you have questions You can call us!!  You can Email us!!  Not many companies will take the time out to explain about growing from seeds.
We want to help!!!

Below are a few additional tips for seed starting AND an extra special offer. 
Using Coconut Coir Pellets for Seed Starting

These little pellets are AMAZING! 

When planting in coconut coir, plant 1-3 seeds per pellet.  1 seed will produce 1 plant but some people prefer to plant more than 1 seed.
Below are my Peppers in Coconut Coir.  You'll see that 2 pellets are empty.  Either the seed did not germinate OR I accidently killed it.
Pepper seedlings in Coconut Pellets

IF you choose to plant more than 1 seed per pellet and more than 1 lives, do not pull out the extra seedling.  It is best to pinch off the extra seedling at the base so the stronger seedling's roots are not disrupted.
When planting tiny seeds: Thyme, chamomile, oregano, etc It is okay to plant multiple seeds per pellet.  

WHEN is it Time to Transplant?
As the seedling grows in the pellet, you'll start to see roots growing out of the pellet material. 
Time to transplant this Pumpkin 
Once your seedling is 2-4 inches tall or taller and/or the roots are growing out of the pellet, it is time to transplant.
  Either transplant directly into the garden, Into a larger container or into it's final container.

There is no need to remove the outer cover of the coconut Pellet.  These are bio-degradable and not like to plastic mesh on peat pellets.

We've decided to extend the FREE SEED OFFER on all orders of COCONUT COIR Pellets thru April 30th. 
Give your seeds a jump start with Coconut!

OUR VIDEOS to Help you GROW!


Soak your seeds for faster germination
Use fresh, sterile soil for seed germination
Don't leave your seeds or soil water-logged
If growing indoors, Use a fan to ***gently***
blow air on your seedlings
*This can reduce disease and strengthen seedlings*

We've grown quite a bit of lettuce and Basil in these 6-Cell Germination trays.  Once the seedlings are 2-4 inches tall or the roots are starting to escape from the bottom it is time to transplant

If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.  We usually reply within a few hours (unless we're out in the field). 
Thank you and have a weekend!
Happy Planting,

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