Tuesday, November 25, 2014

5 Hostess Gifts for Under $40

As you may already know, I am all about Organic Gardening.  Growing food has changed my life and I hope I have been an inspiration to all of my readers.

This year, I encourage you all to give the gift of Life and Inspire someone.
Check out these 5 Hostess Gifts for Under $40 from Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Organic Grow Kits $12.99 - $19.99

Choose from 5 unique and inspiring Grow Kits
-Herb Garden
-Heirloom Tomatoes
-Salsa Garden
-Salad Garden
"Just add dirt!"

Organic Sprouting Kits $17.50 - $30.50

Includes everything you need to grow your own Sprouts in as few as 2-6 days

DIY Tincture Kits include:
1-32 ounce glass jar with lid, 1- 2 ounce Amber bottle with dropper top, 2 customized labels, 1 ounce of Organic Herb of your choice (additional herbs available) and Details Instructions

"Wild About Wildflowers" Seed Combo Pack - $11

Includes 6 varieties of individually packed Wildflowers
-African Crackerjack Marigold
-Bachelor Button
-Butterfly Garden
-Purple Coneflower

Make Your Own Basket!

Include a Seeds Combo Pack
and place everything in a plant container or galvanized bucket (dollar store finds!)

Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web...Stay tuned for more organic gardening and health related topics.  If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to ask. 


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1 comment:

Janet Pesaturo said...

These are nice, eco-minded gift ideas, and I'm in desperate need of them. Thanks!