Saturday, October 27, 2012

Broccoli Sprouts: Day 2. Journey Post #5

Welcome back to another day of Sprouting!  Days 2 and 3 are pretty simple so these posts will be brief.  During the entire 5 days of Sprouting  there are few very important things to remember.
36 Hours of the rinse/drain cycle.  Little broccoli sprouts are emerging

1. Don't let the kitten or the kids knock over your sprout jar.
2. It is a 6-8 hour cycle.  I use the 8 hour cycle.  Soak for 8 hours.  Drain, rinse thoroughly and drain.  No water for 8 hours.  I find that it is very easy to just leave the sprout jar upside down so that it drains thoroughly and get a bit of fresh air.
3.  Don't forget about your sprouts like I did the first day. 
4.  Keep your sprouting jar out of direct sunlight.
Did you miss Broccoli Sprouts: Day 1 ?


Tomorrow I'll share the health benefits of Broccoli Spouts.
Happy Sprouting!


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