Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Purple!!!

Well...Almost purple!  The ugliest Cherokee tomato so far is the first to turn a shade of purple!  I gave a loud hoot outside this morning when I discovered it.  I'm not aloud to "hoot" in the house...I can get pretty excited about these things.

The German Giant Radishes I planted a few weeks ago are starting to take shape.

I've transplanted 2 of the Long Island Brussels Sprouts...One in the ground and one in a container.

There are quite a few large Cherokee tomatoes that are still a very dark green.

Last but certainly not least, below is the mess that I refer to as "The Side Yard Project."

This garden is 100% Organic, non-gmo and grown from heirloom seeds.  I have had many issues from the beginning, mostly keeping the bag bugs from demolishing my plants.  After planting a few flowers and companion plants along the outer edges of the garden the bug problem became almost non-existent.  I still find the occasional tomato hornworm but they're pretty easy to spot if you look close enough.

Happy Planting!


S said...

Okay. I have garden envy. Being as we just had an ice storm last night and I was happy to finally have it over 32 degrees today, I'm still in the dreaming stages for my garden this year.

I've grown red and cream colored tomatoes, but never purple. May have to try it this year.

Mary Smith said...

Thanx for stopping by. My seed company, Mary's Heirloom Seeds, has Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds available.
The pictures don't tell the FULL story about how it took almost a year to get these beauties to grow. In South Florida it was so HOT that the blooms just fell off the plant.
This year I am trying Amana's Orange tomatoes.