Thursday, July 6, 2017

Keto Must-Haves before Getting Started

I'm super excited to share a few recipes with you but I realized I never shared my tracking apps and sources with you in my last post.
Homegrown Watermelon Radish (I cooked these up with breakfast)

This is, in my opinion, a list of Must-Haves when you start the Ketogenic Diet.  Keep in mind, before I started Keto, I eased in my removing sugars and junk carbs for about 2 months.  It worked for me.  Some people like to just jump right in.  So here goes!

This is an amazing app for your phone to track your daily food and water intake, your weights and measurements and even fitness.  I use the FREE version and it works for me.  There is even an option to enter an entire recipe then track the portion you ate and it automatically calculates the MACROS in your meal

You might be thinking "what the heck is that?" so I'll explain.  The Kertogenic Diet is High fat, moderate protein and very low carbohydrates.  I personally try to keep my total daily carbs to 20grams or less.  that is a personal choice and some people eat as much as 50grams a day.
YOUR personal goals will determine what you should be consuming daily...MACROS

Use the KETO CALCULATOR to figure out your daily goals

I wasn't a big vitamin person before but in order to have the best results possible, I decided to start taking a women's multi, vitamin E and Calcium along with my regular Magnesium I add to my drink

I am currently drinking 100 ounces or more of filtered water a day.  That is my personal goal and will vary per person depending on size, weight and activity level.  If I sweat a bunch while working outside I always drink more and adjust my electrolyte drink

If you are new to Keto or you haven't started yet, you might not understand the need for electrolytes.  There is something called KETO FLU and it's not very fun.
From Keto Diet Blog: Beat Keto Flu with Homemade Electrolyte Drink
" Electrolytes, especially magnesium, are often deficient when you eat less than 20-30 g net carbs."
Sometimes I make my electrolyte drink the night before so I don't forget!

Here's one recipe I use (there are so many)
20 ozs Water (I sometimes dilute in 32 ounces)
2 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt
1 tsp no salt
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
5-10 drops Stevia (I used this in the beginning but no longer need it)
STIR it up and pour over ice

**I recently added Magnesium powder to my drink and I like it even more.  I do this when I am not eating foods high in magnesium**

DO NOT GUZZLE THIS or it could cause gastric distress.  I sip this over a few hour.

There are many recipes available online.

Next up, we're making a bunch of Keto-Friendly foods to share.  Everything I've made so far has been a hit!

I am not a doctor or healthcare provider and I am not offering medical advice.  If you have health-related concerns, please seek medical attention.

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