Sunday, October 5, 2014

I'm Working toward Awesomeness and I'm Far from Perfect

Bloggers are awesome.  I have come to know so many amazing people just by reading their blogs and interacting through comments.
Sometimes we get a little silly!
 After reading "Have I failed You" over at Huppie Mama, I realized that we all evolve during our time as bloggers.  I have my own "demons" and strive to be as happy and healthy as I can be.  Compare where I am today with my blog 4+ years ago and you'll find that my current content is much more "me."  Sometimes...I totally fail! 

From Carrie, "Finding balance is always a struggle. Being an advocate is wonderful, but you can’t advocate for everything. My blog is essentially my family’s scrapbook. It documents what we do, how we do it, and how you can do it too if you’d like. I want it to tell the whole story — the amazing times, the tough times, the questions we have, challenges we face. I hope I’m always able to do that, while still adding in a little humor, wit, and research."

Most of us started our blogs as an outlet and a place to share our creativity.  Some of our blogs have evolved into a way to earn income.  Some of you are still blogging just for fun.

The thing is, some of us depend on our blogs as an additional source of income.  If you check out some of the pages here at Back to the Basics you'll see "My Bookshelf" which is full of affiliate links for Books.  That means if you purchase a book using my direct link I might make a small percentage.

I went away for almost a week and only scheduled 1 post.  I didn't worry about it because I knew my readers would understand!
For me, I use Back to the Basics as an outlet to share Organic Gardening and Health-related posts in conjunction with my company Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  We are a "mom & pop" small business and depend on word of mouth to grow our non-GMO seed company.

I hope that during the time you've been reading my blog that you have learned a great deal about Organic Gardening as well as herbal home remedies, GMOs and other health related topics.  If you feel that I've missed something, please feel free to let me know.

Other ways to earn income include sponsored posts.  Sometimes we just receive free product and other times there is monetary compensation involved.  I have seen plenty of sponsored posts about junk food and for those I just pass on reading them.  Do I leave a judgemental comment?  Absolutely not!  Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for "Real Food." 

I am far from perfect.  When I started Mary's Kitchen I shared the occasional "junk food posts."  These days I am a bit more strict about clean eating but I try to keep my recipes fun and delicious. 
Organic Orange Ginger Sauteed Veggies
 Back to being awesome...Sometimes there is a post you really want to write but you don't want to offend someone.  Write it!  Sometimes there is a sponsored post you want to write because the compensation is great but the product might not be as "crunchy mom" as your normal posts!  Write it!  I'm not saying that I would write a sponsored post for Monsanto...I would rather delete my blog than sell my soul to the devil.  I'm talking about sharing a post about shopping at Walmart or the dollar store because you can save a bunch of money on certain items.  Let's face it, we all like to save money!

For some people, shopping at Walmart is a regular thing.  For personal or even ethical reasons there are people who are against shopping there.  Either way, we all need to find ways to DIY, make it from scratch and make do on a budget in our own way. 

At the end of the day we are all humans striving for our little place in the blogosphere.  It's important to support each other while educating our readers.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Huppie Mama said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! We face so many challenges as bloggers that most people cannot begin to understand because they don't get that this is a career choice. I could go out and earn a living as a teacher in a public school; I did it for years. But it was crushing to my spirit. I don't cope well in that type of bureaucratic environment. I need more freedom to choose my own career path daily, but with that freedom comes the possibility of guiding yourself poorly at times.

I did a blog post with a company last week that brought me some level of doubt, but I stand by the post. Is it the "best" product on the market? No. But probably my least favorite ingredient fed to children is HFCS, and this product was free of it (which surprised me, actually), so for that reason alone, I took it on. I also made it into a fun project that I did with my daughter, bringing in the family time element that I hope my readers connect with. Bloggers are humans, too. I would honestly rather I gave someone an idea of something fun to do with their family than spoon-feed them data/research daily without any application.

Anyway, thanks for the support!! I love it!!

Mary Smith said...

Thanks Carrie! You inspire me on a daily basis!

Denise said...

You are perfect in God's eyes, you are perfect for who you are now. We are masterpieces in the making. You are an amazing young woman Marianne Beth Smith who is well loved, well respected and are a treasure to all who know you :)

Mary Smith said...

Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

The post I love the most are those that we can all relate with. Love hearing about your journey