Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weed The People - The Movie

There has been a lot of talk about legalizing marijuana and medical marijuana.  I have my own opinions on legalization but before I get into MY opinions...let's hear from the experts...

Once you have watched the movie...I'd love to hear your feedback.
If you have time to watch "reality tv" then you have time to watch this REAL reality.  Thank you!


Unknown said...

I'm a firm believer in nature having been created to support life. I'm also a firm believer in doing whatever is necessary - trying whatever may offer a chance of surviving cancer.

Thanks for posting this!! If only every person in cyber space would sit down for 8 minutes & watch it.

youngershirl said...

I would have to say that if it were a loved one of mine who needed medical help and it was determined that this form of treatment would help, I too would be willing to try it. I have a grandson with Epilepsy and is on meds for them. Thankfully, the meds are controlling the seizures, but if this were not the case, I would be searching for medical cannabis. Thank you for posting this video, very informative.

Marla said...

Hi Mary,
I personally have heard amazing stories about the health benefits of cannibalis and know of one person who had horrible seizures that not medicine could control. They starting using cannibalis and they haven't had one since.
I think the government needs to get on the ball and start researching this to make it legal. But I don't know if they are going to because what the problem is as always the drug companies are making millions of dollars off of chemotherapy and its not our health that matters its their profit.
I truly believe this plant could be a answer to many health problems not just cancer. It is from Nature. If it were me or one of my loved ones I would highly recommend them to try it.
Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful healthy day!