Monday, September 2, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

Happy Labor Day to YOU!!!
I spent another fabulous weekend at the Yellow Green Farmer's Market.  Each week I have added items and decor to my booth.  It's GROWING and so are my seedlings.  All perfectly planned for the Seed Starting Made Simple Workshop this Thursday. YES!

This little pumpkin seedling has been an internet/facebook sensation.  People came to my booth to ask "Is this the seedling from fb?" YES!


Can you see the 
HUGE difference in just one day?
It's Amazing!

I took a few pictures of the people and booths around me.
Fresh Wheatgrass across the Isle from me!  I love that people bring their dogs to the market!
I bought fresh Mozzarella cheese 2 weeks in a row.  Delicious!
Super Fun decor!  This is in the rafters!
This is the new shelf that my hubby built for my booth!
This was before I added a few colorful pictures, organic sprout seeds and Wheatgrass Kits
Lastly, my favorite farm stand!
I know that is a photo-heavy post...But I'm going somewhere with all of this!

I am announcing a HUGE 2 day only heirloom seed sale TONIGHT on my facebook page.  Please like Mary on fb and stay tuned!  6pm EST for the big announcement.  I'll be announcing a giveaway on our fb page next week!


Nikki Stevens said...

That's some pretty unique decor up in the rafters! That place seems like a busy market! Great pictures :)

Deborah said...

What if you don't do facebook? I don't have a page to "like" you on. What do I do? Deborah

mary_smith said...

If you don't do facebook that's okay. You can send me an email to

OR check out the wesbite: