Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purple Tomatoes!!!

Have you ever sliced into a purple tomato? I'm not talking about a rotten, left on the ground and forgotten tomato. I'm talking about sweet and juicy, homegrown purple tomatoes. There are several type of purple tomatoes, including the Black Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Black Giant, Chocolate Stripes. My favorite is the Cherokee Purple tomato.

A Cherokee Purple is a unique, deep purple (almost black) beauty of a tomato. The Cherokee Purple is beefsteak in style with dense, juicy flavor.

Today I planted seeds for these wonderful plants. As these babies grow and mature I'll share more photos and tips.

My first TIP: Soak seeds in water overnight before planting.

Also, to help cut down on cutworms and tomato hornworms, cover the stem with an aluminum soup can. Cut the bottom and the top off an aluminum can and slide it over the plant. Secure into the ground gently. This should be down when the plant in approximately 4 inches tall or when you transplant into the ground.

Maturity: 80 days
Vine: Indeterminate
Type: Heirloom

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